I purchased a set of Andrews N2 cams from Ebay... bad idea. All 4 cams were damaged on the tops of the lobes, the outer layer of metal had begun to chip off. Frank at the local Harley shop suggested sending them back to Andrews for possible replacement. So, I packaged them up and sent them to Andrews... good idea. The following week, a new set of N2's appeared on my porch.

Next step is to start taking the bike apart. First is to remove the gas tank. Now remove the rocker box covers. The problematic screw is the left rear on the rear cylinder, it is right under the frame. Having an allen wrench with a ball at the end is probably the best bet.

With the rocker box covers off and the transmission in 5th gear, turn the rear tire until one or two of the valves are closed. To remove the rockers, remove the 1/2 inch bolt on the right side right near the rocker shaft. The shaft is notched, remove the bolt and slide the shaft out. Also take out the pushrod. Be sure to keep everything in order. I started with the front exhaust and continued towards the back

Now to remove the camshaft cover. The front muffler and brake linkage (mid or forward controls) must be removed first. The exhaust clamp should be 9/16". Before removing the camshaft cover, create yourself a cardboard cutout in the shape of the cover. Make holes in the board corresponding to the screws in the cover, and transfer them as they are removed. There are 11 screws, and three or four different lengths. Odd... three red cams and one blank one? Hmm... Nice casting though!

Andrews suggests test fitting the cams in the cover to check for gear lash. The difference in lobe profile can also be seen between the stock H-D cam and the N2.

After about 100 miles, I have noticed a definite increase in torque at low revs, and a better pull up to 4,000 RPM. I rarely if ever have a reason to go higher than that. Andrews also suggests removing one coil off the carburetor slide spring and increasing both low and high speed jets by one size. I have done both after initially running the cams on the stock settings and there is an improvement in throttle response from idle up.